I’ll let you in on how it all started ... 

Clayton’s Collection all started simply through a mamas love in sourcing beautiful, quality pieces of clothing and accessories for mamas and their little one(s). 

Inspired By

Our store is inspired by our son, Oliver. He is the inspiration behind everything I do. As a mama I have always loved discovering a variety of quality, unique clothing, accessories and toys for Oliver.

Then one day I had an epiphany, I thought to myself if I can create a store where mamas like myself can collect stunning, unique clothing + accessories from around the world all to be available from one store, would be a dream come true ..... thus Clayton’s Collection was born.

The story behind our name began with my Great Grandmother Emily Clayton, a wonderful women and my best friend as a child. Oliver’s middle name is Clayton after my great grandmother, Oliver Clayton was also my great grandmother's father’s name. So Oliver’s name has a pretty beautiful family story behind it.

I thought keeping the name Clayton in the family would be a wonderful way to honor my beloved great grandmother, now we also have a store inspired by family.  




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