Mummy Bloggers Series by Lauren McGrath

Mummy Bloggers Series - My Mindfulness Space by Lauren McGrath

Life can be very chaotic, and it’s important to take sometime to ourselves. I’ve been reading “Mindfulness for Mums” recently as I’ve really been struggling lately with managing my stress and staying calm. One of the biggest tips that I’ve taken from the book is to create a “mindfulness space” – a designated space in the house where I can go to have a few minutes to myself, and to just “be”. So I thought I’d give you a look into what I did to create the ultimate space of calm and tranquility for myself, and inspire you to make a mindfulness space of your own!

My mindfulness space is in the conservatory at the moment, since it’s the least used room in the house (plus I can shut the door and completely drown out the sounds of a toddler screaming there). We are in the process of moving house (still…), so it will likely change location when we move into our own home! It’s important when creating your own mindfulness space to think about the feeling you want when you’re in your mindfulness space. I was inspired by these fairy lights that were kindly sent to me to by sparkle lighting to create a cozy, calming vibe for my space

There’s no rules when it comes to creating a mindfulness space. Whatever speaks to you and and feels good for you works! So for me, whenever I see fairy lights, I think of warm, cozy winter nights which ultimately relaxes me. I added things like comfy pillows, throw blankets, and a scented candle. I went very simple with it, because I feel that “less is more” for spaces like this. The lights honestly pull everything together; proper, calming lighting is so important!

You can create a mindfulness space literally anywhere. You could even make one outside in your back garden. And what’s great is they’re not just for adults either; you can create a mindfulness space for your child, as well! It can be very helpful for young children to have a designated place to go when they need a bit of “quiet time” (i.e. when overtired, overwhelmed, etc.). You can incorporate some of these gorgeous lights from Sparkle into their corner to really give it that finishing touch

It’s so nice to be able to have a space where I can sit and just relax on my own. There has been a lot going on lately (I’m sure you all can agree!), so creating this little space for myself has been so important for my mental health. Needless to say I find myself here very often, sitting under the lights, just “being”.

Have you created your own mindfulness corner?

xx Lauren


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