Mummy Blogger Series By Maddie Kinghorn

The Fourth Trimester 


Well baby, we did it. We survived the fourth trimester! 

Man, motherhood is hard. I suffered infertility. I yearned for this baby, and I cherished my pregnancy, labour and birth. But, that doesn’t dismiss the fact that just because I desired this, doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. 

Being a mum is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Motherhood has the ability to near break you, and then fill your heart with an abundance of love straight after. 

I am an emotional gal at the best of times. I feel so very deeply, and sometimes that is both a blessing and a curse. Especially when you add postpartum hormones into the mix. 

You will see all the filtered, posed and pretty pictures myself, and many other mamas post with our babies. But, that is not the everyday reality! 

As a new mum I felt like a failure because no one was really showing how tough this parenting gig can be, and if you are in the midst of new motherhood, poo nappies, 24/7 cluster feeding, mastitis, engorged boobs, sterilising bottles all night, wearing nappies yourself, post birth pains, or c section pain, and sleep deprivation, I feel you! 

 We’ve all been there. Allow yourself these moments. You are only human! We all talk about how great it is being a mum, and it is! But it’s also really bloody tough and we need to be talking about that too. 


Even after having a baby, being a mama again the second time around kicked my butt the first few weeks. Heck, some days I still question my sanity. 

But we did it! I did it. I trusted my instincts and I allowed myself to take things day by day, even minute by minute some days. 

Enjoy those babies mamas. Embrace the cuddles. Forget the washing and dishes if that’s what you need to do. Babies are only little for so long, and despite rolling our eyes at our grandmothers or alike saying it ‘goes too quick’ it really does.

Be kind to yourself. It’s not just a baby being born, but you have been reborn too. It’s gonna take some time to figure it all out (I mean, do we really ever?)

When you are up in the still hours of the night, the days may be long, but I promise, the years are ever so fleeting.  

Here’s to motherhood, the best hood there is. ♥️

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