Meet The Maker

Meet the Maker of Sienna Designs & Co

Sienna Designs & Co is a successful mama-run business which offers a wide range of beautifully designed products such as dummy clips, teethers and more. We have loved chatting with Abigail and getting know more about her inspiration behind this wonderful brand of hers!
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Abigail (Abi), and I am the owner + creative designer behind Sienna Designs Co. Whilst also running this business solo, I am currently training to be a midwife in conjunction with being a full time mum (phew!). Although I do currently have a lot on my plate, I truly wouldn’t have it any way.
Who is the inspiration behind the name of your brand?
Prior to running Sienna Designs Co., I worked in the field of mental health. However, my passions shifted massively following the birth of my daughter, Sienna. I had always aspired to start up a business that would allow me to use my creative talent and becoming a new mum inspired me to do so. This urged me on to design both contemporary & simplistic baby accessories that met the demands of modern parents today.
What advice would give someone looking to starting their own business?
Go for it! I held myself back for so many years, but the only regret I have now, is that I wish I had started sooner. It really doesn’t take much money to start up your own business. I put down £100 in the first month, where I ordered in my raw materials. I then went on to set up my own website via the help of Youtube tutorials. I then went on to utilise Instagram as my free marketing platform, and the rest is history! 
Where would you see your brand in five years?
I would love to introduce many more of my own designs, whilst also stocking a larger range of other small businesses products. I would love to finally own my own storage unit/warehouse/office, as my house is currently full to the brim with stock (haha!). I also aim to almost set up a community within my small business, and would love to take the time to engage more with my followers and customers. I would also love to integrate my knowledge as a midwife into this community, and help out many first time mums with all things related to pregnancy and the postpartum period as well.
Do you/your little one have a favourite Sienna Designs product?
I absolutely adore our keepsake brushes, but my absolute favourite product(s) are our dummy clips. I have spent many years perfecting the design, and have spent a heck of a lot of money on safety testing. Not only are our clips safe, beautiful in design and high in quality, but they are also highly practical and essential for all parents who allow their babies to use dummies. My daughter and I would have been lost without our dummy clips, they truly are a life saver and prevent the dreaded loss of a dummy.

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